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  Dependent J-2 Visa Issuance Synopsis 2015



Step 1
The teacher or school sends a check to the Cordell Hull Foundation, 45 Rockefeller Plaza, 20th Floor, New York, NY  10111.  This fee is payable each year that the J-2 dependent lives with the J-1 teacher in the U.S.    Note:  J-2 visas are issued only to immediate family members.

2015 Fee Schedule


Arriving first year with J-1 teacher/billed simultaneously

Post arrival - requested after
J-1 teacher arrives in the US

J-2 Spouse

US$ 200 per year

US$ 300 first year

each J-2 Dependent Child

US$ 100 per year

US$ 200 first year

Step 2
The prospective teacher completes the online J-2 Dependent Visa roster online from

(1) Click on J-2 Dependent Roster,

(2) Fill in all boxes, and

(3) Click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.

(4) The roster will be transmitted to the Cordell Hull Foundation electronically.

Step 3

The candidate faxes to CHF at 646-349-3455: 

(1) Copy of name page in passport of J-2 dependent

(2) Copy of marriage certificate for spouse.


Step 4

The teacher sends an email to Val Bertelsen at giving:

(1)   the address to which s/he wishes the visa paperwork and instructions to be mailed

(2)   the country where the dependent plans to apply for the J-2 visa stamp

(3) a fedex account number or credit card no. plus expiration date
if requesting CHF to expedite the mailing or the address is difficult for mail delivery

Step 5

The J-2 dependent must make an appointment apply for a J-2 stamp in the passport at an American Embassy abroad.  It is not possible to obtain a J-2 visa stamp in the United States.  If the dependent is already in the U.S. in visa visitor status, s/he may apply for a stamp at an American Embassy in Canada.  See

Important Note:  J-2 dependents do NOT pay the SEVIS fee.

Step 6
The J-2 visa applicant follows the instructions on the website of the Embassy in the country where s/he plans to apply and pays an ?entrance? fee of approximately $160 to process the visa. The dependent checks the website of the American Embassy in the applicable country to follow the specific procedures and to obtain any additional documents that may be required for non-immigrant visas.   The minimum document requirements for all J-2 exchange teachers are to complete the DS-160 form.

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